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Gaming mouse allows you to map all/additional keys to various actions. Eg. clicking one mouse button can perform a combination of Ctrl + F1. What's more, it allows you to create "macros", which are a predefined set of actions, eg. Ctrl + F1 - Ctrl + F5 - Ctrl + F8 all with one mouse button click. Is this against the Tibia Rules?

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Tibia rules to prove this is legal:


5e) Is it allowed to use the extra buttons on a gaming mouse/keyboard as hotkeys?

Yes, you can generally use the buttons of your gaming mouse or keyboard like hotkeys. However, please note that you may not bind more than one action to a button. For instance, it is acceptable to bind to a button the drinking of a mana potion. However, it would be illegal to assign to a button the drinking of a mana potion and then casting "exura". Thereby, it does not matter if the action is performed by pressing a combination of keys (e.g. CTRL+F1) or a single key (e.g. F1).

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This is Technical FAQ, not Tibia Rules, still thanks for linking to a trusted source!
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It is legal to bind key combinations to a mouse slot to cast/use 1 spell or item, it is against the rules for 1 button to perform several tasks.

I.e you can bind ctrl+1 to cast exura but you can't bind ctrl+1 to cast exura and pot yourself. Many players do this but it is against the rules.
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I'm actually trying to improve the performance of my Tibia, so I made a question on Reddit (about another program not related to mouse macros to be used along with Tibia. It is a performance enhancer called "Razor Cortex") in order to get information with people that was active during the initial phases of Battle Eye implementation and what would be forbidden by Battle Eye. The Reddit user @XtrmJosh made a good point regarding it, where he says that any kind of unfair advantage (such as a macro that makes you use exura and a potion) would be a rule infringement, thus it would be punishable. Quoting what he said to me there: "...one keyboard or mouse event should result in one singular action..."

However, other users on the thread there alerted me that people are possibly circumventing it somehow and using complex macros to gain advantages during double xp/double skill weekend, but I can attest that macro users are possibly going against the interpretation of Tibia Rules. This is a rule infringement that may result in a permanent deletion of their characters in the future.

You can check the complete thread cited above here: