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I tried to use one seed and a empty flower pot in my backpack and it didn't work. Is it only possible during the flower month?

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If your expectation was to get a plant, then that's not how it works ;)

Empty Flower Pots once contained a plant, but they weren't maintained properly and died, there's nothing more you can do with this item. In order to receive a Flower Pot that can turn into a fully grown plant, you need to trade 5 seeds with NPC Rosemarie in Port Hope. This can only be done during the Flowers month - June. It takes several days to turn a flower pot into a fully grown plant, if you remember to water it often enough.

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Ok.. thx xD
I did that so many time ago couldn’t remember how it works xD

Just to add empty flower pots can be used but only with ice flower seeds...