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A short description of this event given on the calendar speaks about "unusual activity on dragon lairs" and "lots of dragon eggs have been sighted in their caves". What does it means? Where exactly can I get one of these "eggs" on hidden nests? What are the rewards of this event?

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Spring into Life was a new Event in Tibia when it was first introduced. It replaced the Easter event but all Easter events occur in the Spring into Life event: during the event, Coloured Eggs are dropped by Rabbits and bought from some Food Shopkeeper NPCs.

Dragon nests

For the duration of the event, Dragon Hatchlings provide 25% more experience.

In many Dragon Lairs throughout Tibia, dragon nests will appear. Over time, these will hatch Dragon Hatchlings.

Note: these dragon hatchlings do not disappear, and the eggs will continue to spawn them. Unpopular caves may contain overspawned dragon nests!

Nest hunt

Hidden Nests can be found scattered through Tibia. Find them to obtain Surprise Nests, which can be used in order to get different rewards.





    Liberty Bay


    1. Temple
    2. Garden
    3. Swamp
    4. Citizenship portal
    5. Fruit store
    1. South-western tower
    2. Serpentine Tower
    3. Furniture store
    4. Thanah II
    5. Paladin/knight guild, above offline trainers
    1. Temple
    2. Shops
    3. Palace
    4. Tavern
    5. Wasp Tower
    1. Central Circle
    2. Sky Lane
    3. South
    4. Telas house
    5. Stonehome bushes
    1. Storage shed
    2. Lighthouse
    3. Near fortress mountain
    4. Southern coast
    5. Behind Eleonore's Castle
    1. North gate tower
    2. Park
    3. Sorcerer's avenue
    4. Southeastern tower
    5. Sorcerer guild (outside)







    1. Ruined ship
    2. Fruit store
    3. Main depot
    4. Wrestling arena
    5. Armor store
    1. Carlin chess board
    2. Druid guild
    3. Castle tower
    4. East Lane 1a
    5. Suntower
    1. Game hall
    2. Western fountain
    3. Arena quarter ramp
    4. Docks
    5. Explorer society building
    1. Main gate wagons
    2. Royal kitchen
    3. Halls of Sorcery library
    4. Farms
    5. The forge
    1. Paladin Guild
    2. Behind Mead Hall
    3. West of Buddel
    4. West of Boat
    5. Arena
    1. Simon's Wharf
    2. Western Beach
    3. East of Fibula Clanhall
    4. Eastern Beach
    5. North of Fibula Village Bar

    Port Hope

    1. Small western island
    2. Northwest lookout
    3. Middle island
    4. River coast
    5. South-west island


    1. North from Cormaya Flats
    2. Next to swimming hole
    3. West of dwarf mines under a tree here
    4. East of dwarf mines here
    5. Under a tree here

    Note: you will need a Machete or similar tool to cut Jungle Grass on your way to 3 out of 5 locations in Ab'Dendriel

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