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Is this food currently useful for something? I dropped a bunch of them from Grynch Clan Goblins and I guess that I will keep it for now, but do they have any use for a quest or something? Or they are like the "Acorn" used to be in the past? (acorns used to be useless back in the day, but now there is a quest involving it).

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It looks like they have no use currently. You can sell them to NPC A Fluffy Squirrel in Carlin for 80 gold coins, which is a pretty good price for food type item. As with all items, they might start being needed for some kind of quest or task one day.

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I think they are good to prepare some type of dishes of the hot cousine quest
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Which dish exactly? I don't think they are required for any.
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you don't need it for hot cuisine.