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You see a demonic candy ball.

         It weighs 9.50 oz.

After we eat Demonic Candy Ball we will get one of the several effects:

  • Increases melee skills (except for Fist Fighting) by 3 for an hour. 
  • Increases distance skills by 3 for an hour. 
  • Increases shielding skills by 6 for an hour. 
  • Increases your magic level by 3 for an hour. 
  • Increases your speed by 50 levels for an hour. 
  • Provides light bigger than Ultimate Light spell, for 2 hours which pulsates every 5 minutes. 
  • Make you invisible for 10 minutes.
  • When a monster transforms you, you can be stuck as that monster for an extended period of time. Reports of this can go for several hours. This can be cancelled by wearing a Stealth Ring.

What is a percentage chance of getting on of those effects?

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I heard there is chance u might be changed into mutanted pumpkin :o
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You are right!

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Well I have been looking for answer on many wikias and there is no info about % chance. But I LIKE SWEET CANDIES, so I ate them a lot(around 100 and another 100 I gave away in yalahar depot xd) so from my own experience I can tell you every effect except changing into pumpkin or getting light effect on you have same chance.

Imo chance for changing into pumpkin is around 5% or less.

I might be just unlucky with light effect or maybe I didnt notice that cuz I had always off them, but well always when i ate it I check my stats and I cant remind time when i had no raised skill etc.

In my whole life I was never changed into Pumpkin by myself, but once I gave on spawn cookie to friend and luckily he become a mutanted Pumpkin.

Well its my own experience and researches on yalahar dicers. :D so maybe we have another Cookie Monster here which would tell us more about Demonic candies.