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I know that there's certain creatures that drop food (or other methods of obtaining the food) what have you and the food is worth more to sell or keep than to eat. I was hoping you could compile a list of foods that fit this category so maybe I can be more on the lookout when a creature drops it so I don't eat it!

PS: I understand you'd probably want to either sell or keep Hot Cuisine so I know it depends with quests you don't have to include quest related items as this would fit the sell, keep, or eat category. I'm more referring to what's dropped by creatures. 

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I use to always take with me Brown Mushrooms since it has the best cost benefit for me. Brown Mushrooms cost 10gp at NPC Luna located in Edron so any food that can be sold at NPC's for more than this you might keep to sell later.

  • Coconut Coconut Used in Paradox Tower Quest and Hot Cuisine Quest, can be sold to players.
  • Dark Mushroom Dark Mushroomcan be sold for 100gps to Luna at Edron.
  • Ectoplasmic Sushi Ectoplasmic Sushi can be sold for 300gps to Swolt
  • Fire Mushroom  can be sold for 200gps to Luna at Edron.
  • Goanna meat  can be sold for 190gps to Yasir.
  • Green Mushroom  can be sold for 100gps to Luna at Edron.
  • Green Perch Green Perch can be sold for 100gps to Pemaret at Edron. Possibility to be sold for more at market.
  • Orange Mushroom  can be sold for 150gps to Luna at Edron.
  • Peanut Peanut can be sold to playersfor 1000 - 3000 gps. It's used at Hot cuisine quest.
  • Rainbow Trout Rainbow Trout can be sold for 100gps to Pemaret at Edron. Possibility to be sold for more at market.
  • Walnut Walnut can be sold for 80gps to A Fluffy Squirrel at Carlin.

That is a list of some foods that worthy keep to sell.

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Maybe peanuts too? :x (I said nothing)
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For sure, I forgot that. Thx
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This is my list of itens that are dropped by monsters and should be sold on market or to npcs rather than used.

  • Bar of Chocolate . Cannot be bought, dropped by Nightmare Scion or Pinata Dragon
  • Cream cake . Cannot be bought, dropped by mad Scientist or Grynch Clan Goblin
  • Fire Mushroom . Sold for 200gp to Luna at Edron.
  • Green Mushroom . Sold for 100gp to Luna at Edron.
  • Orange Mushroom  Sold for 150gp to Luna at Edron.
  • Forbidden Fruit Rare item, gives an achievement upon eating and can be sold for high prices.
  • Goanna meat  Sold for 190gp to Yasir
  • Northen Pike . Semi-rare Item, can be sold for players and it is needed to gain access to sea serpent area.

I'll Add more foods to this answer if I remember find something else.

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hey, is there any creatures that drop something that you shouldn't eat because you can sell that item to the npc? if you don't mind including that in your answer it will be great:)
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Yes I remember some mushrooms. I'll add it to my answer.
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I like to keep shrimps, since its use for the Hot Cuisine Quest.

The same goes for candy and candy canes, which cant be normally bought or dropped by creatures except for certain events, like Tibia's Birthday.

I also like to keep gingerbreads, which you can get from Santa.