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I've recently noticed that some websites say that eating the Demonic Candy Ball has a rare chance of turning you into The Mutated Pumpkin for 5 hours. Also, some questions here on TibiaQA about the Demonic Candy Ball mention that as a status effect .

I haven't see any proof of this anywhere else except it being listed on a fansite and people talk about it from there. Can anyone provide any proof of this effect actually taking place?

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I tested myself this demonic candy balls, more than 150+ in like 2 hours, giving them for free around thais. No one turned into the Mutated Pumpkin. So I think this effect is false. Otherwise, it could be that people reported this effect after being facing the actual Mutated Pumpkin and eating the candy while they were transformed by the Pumpkin. So, what I mean, is that the real effect would be to make you keep the transformation you got by one monster.
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I've tested this as well with 300 demonic candy balls and haven't turned into a pumpkin. It's interesting to note the creator of this dish was a player and he originally suggested for us to turn into a pumpkin rarely. We know the candy makes us invisible sometimes when we use it, and that wasn't originally suggested by the creator. In conclusion, maybe the candy balls were never given this effect but were rumored to? Or maybe it was changed? Or maybe it happens very rarely, but I also doubt... Source- https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=27409587#post27409587