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I know you can't turn yourself into every creature on Tibia and I don't really understand why not. Here's a list of the current creatures you can turn into:


Can you explain why we can't or is there no reason?

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I have no idea why we can't turn ourselfs into some creatures... If I had to guess I'd say is based on power, we cannot turn ourselfs into strong creatures (or what used to be strog creatures, like Behemoths, and Demons).
But that argument goes down since we can turn into "The First Dragon" which is stronger than 10 demons together...
So I guess is just random...
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Well i guess only CipSoft can tell u about that u can just have hope to utevo res or utevo res ina into new monsters as u might utevo res” black Cobra, and this monster was so over power and CipSoft deleted it after 3 months? Or more
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This is a question that I know I tell myself every time I try to summon myself into x and it doesn't let me. I know there's costume bags and they would probably defeat the whole purpose of that event? But besides that I know that event was created way down the line after this spell was created. Edit: I marked this as opinion-based as there might not be any facts to your answer as to the actual reason so feel free to share your opinion below if you can't find an answer from cipsoft themselves.

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Particularly I see no specific reason for that, it seems to be just an outdate list fo creatures you can turn into. One more thing that CIPSOFT totally forgot about, unfortunately.
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