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I've been doing some daily check in the place where you can hunt the orc with the Old Sam's Backpack with a low level with a backpack of stealth rings. Still, I can't log out instantly once I log in... Even when the only creatures around are monsters that cannot see invisibility! (in case, the screen shows only Orc Berserkers everytime I log in to check)

What happens here? I usually kill these orcs and stay quiet until my battle go off... But it is an annoyance to do that every single time...

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I think the battle appear everytime there is some creatures on screen but don’t know if it happens only there

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I don't know exactly how it works, but it is connected to the login / return to the game system, if you log in among monsters even without invisibility, you get a few seconds of invincibility(monsters dont see or target you) unless you move, after logging in. I think battle status are  always appears when monsters are on the screen, but if you are invisible and you don't move, it disappears after a few seconds not after a minute like normal battle status.
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I think that this is the case right here. I will make sure to stand still next check that I do with that Char. Thanks!
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c) Logout Block image
Normally, characters can leave the game anytime. However, if characters are currently fighting, or if they have recently been involved in some sort of violence, they will be temporarily barred from logging out. You can tell a character cannot log out by the little icon displayed in the condition indicator field underneath the inventory. As long as this icon is displayed you cannot log out, although you are of course free to shut down the client or even to turn off the computer. However, this is not a good idea since your characters will stay in the game if you do so, and they will be extremely vulnerable! For this reason it is a good idea to make sure the logout block icon has disappeared whenever you decide to leave Tibia. Characters will receive a logout block whenever they

  • attack other characters or creatures,
  • get attacked by other characters or creatures,
  • damage other characters or creatures,
  • get damaged by any means,
  • cast offensive spells or use offensive runes.

A logout block is generally lifted 60 seconds after its cause has disappeared. In other words, the duration of the logout block is set to 60 seconds each time one of the above conditions is met.
A special case of the logout block applies whenever characters engage other characters in PvP combat. As with normal logout blocks, characters affected by so-called protection zone blocks are not allowed to log out. However, in addition to the regular logout block, these characters are also barred from entering protection zones such as temples, depots or private houses to make sure all attacked characters get a chance to retaliate. Protection zone blocks last as long as logout blocks do, i.e. characters that have attacked others will be able to enter protection zones if at least 60 seconds have passed since the last time have been involved in violence.
Note: Casting certain offensive spells will also cause characters to receive protection zone blocks even if the spells are not used to attack other characters at all! Spells of this kind include for example all field runes. Protection zone blocks imposed because of such spells last for 60 seconds due to the connected logout block, provided the casting character does not get involved in combat in the meantime.
Things are more serious if a character has actually killed another character. Player killers may not log out or enter protection zones for a full 15 minutes! What's more, if the killer is involved in violence during the last minute of this period, his logout block will be extended as usual, so player killers can be barred from logging out for a long time.

This is what tibia says about Logout block , im researching more to see if I can see that specific case of "stealth ring" but if you do some of the stuff mention in the text before thats because you are getting logout block.
Source: https://www.tibia.com/gameguides/?subtopic=manual&section=combat#logoutblock

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If creatures cant see you, you dont get PZ block.

In your case, there are some Orc Shaman (In suth room) who can see you, sometimes by it u can get PZ block.