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I did some some research on the Creature Illusion spell and saw that Tibia wiki lists it as a rather useless spell, more for show purposes as it has no impact on game play. I also note though that once you use the spell, it removes the speed increase from mounts and won't let you mount until the spell dissolves. This led me thinking that the spell actually inadvertently has a negative impact on game play. However, I decided to do some testing and saw there is one creature that I found which actually gives you a rather large radius of free blue light (check screen shot below), the Jellyfish!  I was wondering if there were any other hidden perks/features that can be used from this spell? 

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There are a few more uses. As already answered, and probably the most useful one, is to disguise yourself in PvP situations. Other uses are:

  • To remove an unwanted transformation. For example if a creature transforms you into another creature and you want to remove it, the spell is one method. 
  • To remove invisibility. If you cast Utana Vid by mistake, you can use the spell to clear it. I've used this for example to become visible again and have creatures target me so I could gather them around and kill them easier. 
    • Simply using a Stealth Ring doesn't work, however, you can also use a Stealth Ring after the illusion to clear it and return to your regular outfit. 
  • There are two quests in which a creature transformation is required. Using the spell is not the only way to complete them, but it can save time or allow you to keep a semi-rare item:
    • During the Cults of Tibia Quest, The Orc Idol mission, you need to be transformed into different types of Orcs. Mages can do this part easily by using the spell instead of having to rely on the creature's transformation spell. 
    • During What a Foolish Quest, mages can use the spell and keep the item that would otherwise be spent, a Mummy Disguise, which looks like a Dead Mummy and can be used for Decoration. 
  • Free account players can use it to appear Premium, by becoming an Assassin, for example. This may sound silly nowadays but it used to have a considerable appeal when the proportion of Premium Players was much lower. 
  • To have fun! I mean, every mage out there has transformed himself into a Dragon and thrown GFBs around. It's fun. :P 
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It can be useful in PVP situations where you can blend with the monsters on different floors, you can use this to hide while running or while trying to take someone by surprise