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What food is the best considering how much time you get towards being full and how much the food weight?
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You should also add a factor like if it's easy to get one to make this question useful, because now you've got a Bass in the answer which is hardly obtainable and 100 pieces cost about 500k - 1kk.
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The most efficient food for time of recovery vs weight are Fire Mushrooms. One Fire Mushroom gives you 7 minutes and 12 seconds of recovery time. A stack of 100 Fire Mushroom will weigh 10oz and give you enough food to last 12 hours.

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Fire_Mushroom
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I believe it is this food:


It weighs 12.50 oz.

Attributes: Edible. Groupable item.

Loot's: Nobody.

Added: 12.20.0000 (July 30, 2019).

Notes: This item can be traded by the Market.

When placing on a Campfire a Stockfish is obtained.

Regeneration: A Bass will regenerate hp / mana for 840 seconds (making you 70% full).

This item is possible to obtain through tasks of an event, the Orcsoberfest Island. The website is part of a semi-annual event that takes place between the 2nd Friday, March 3rd, Monday in March and the 2nd Friday, October 3rd, Monday in October and can only be accessed during this period.