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We always carry food with us to renegerate our mana or hp , but which food is the best? which regenerates more mana / hp on each bite? which ones are the best for carrying to hunts without spending too much ozs ?

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TOP 10 FOODS IN TIBIA (Basing on Regain time)

NameNPC Price (gp)Regain(sec)
Dragon HamDragon Ham25720
Fire MushroomFire Mushroom0432
Orange MushroomOrange Mushroom0360
Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout0300
Brown MushroomBrown Mushroom10264

TOP 10 FOODS IN TIBIA (Basing on Regeneration per oz)

Name Weight Regen/oz 
Fire MushroomFire Mushroom0.104320
Some Mushrooms (Brown)Some Mushrooms (Brown)0.101440
Brown MushroomBrown Mushroom0.201320
Orange MushroomOrange Mushroom0.301200
Dark MushroomDark Mushroom0.10720
Bar of ChocolateBar of Chocolate0.10600
Insectoid EggsInsectoid Eggs0.20600
Rice BallRice Ball0.30600
Green MushroomGreen Mushroom0.10600
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I didnt add Blessed Acorn because is not a very common food to get and is limited to only 80+ level. And can be only used for every 10 hours.. so I prefer to make list that are usefull without that limitations, but thanks for the info
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@Zupakode Blessed Acorn - o.O first time i hear about that! Thanks for the information.
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I've made this point just to inform people that this specific food have been prevalent for a good chunk of tibians recently, specially the "elite" players. Regardless, the list is good and fair.