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I'm a Druid and as you know I love to make runes. I'd love to know what places you'd recommend that are the BEST places to gather food FAST. I already know of Glooth Bandits in Oramond, Wyverns in Edron and Dragons in Yalahar and Venore. Curious as to what ELSE is out there.

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There are better ways to obtain food than gathering in terms of efficiency in all aspects (time, money, stamina and even also imbuements invesment) if either way u are interested somehow into gathering u would like to know:

  • Diremaws/deepworms: they drop tons of meat/ham/mushrooms (in warzone 5-6)
  • Feyrist mobs give a lot of food (but beyond mushrooms/cave turnips that food weights a lot too)
  • Coryms drop a big variety of cheese (can be killed at port hope and venore)
  • Mutated tigers drop a lot meat (can be killed at yalahar alchemist quarter or zao before the boss of fire portal)
  • Most mammal drop meat in tons (can be found all around tibia)
  • Demon and in general ferumbras ascendant mobs drop fire mushrooms (demons could also be found at yalahar magician quarter/edron as unique mob to hunt)
  • Wyrms also drop Dragon ham ( in liberty bay and drefia)
  • Dragon ham is the food who fullfill most hungry in the game
  • an excellent place to multi task it is nibelor, there u can kill polar bear, winter wolf and penguins (all these drop food and the spawn is enoughly good) also u can do ice fishing there and make runes so probably that's the easiest profitable spawn ever.
  • "passive mobs": those mobs who doesn't attack but run away doesn't waste ur stamina and ofc u would waste a ton less of money killing them as far as i know those who also drop food are: deer, pig, rabbit, sheeps 
  • there are other places to kill dragons as darashia and biggest wyrm place is drefia's one 
  • as much as these food fill a lot of hunger if u have to loot it will weight A LOT and in vocations as mages u will run out of cappacity easily.

If instead u are looking for ways to obtain the best food in terms of efficiency u should know:

  • u can buy a lot of food from NPC which is easier, cheaper and faster than gathering it
  • Fire mushrooms is the best food in terms of weight/satiety but can't be bought from npc have to be looted from demons
  • Brown mushrooms is so far the efficientest food cuz their weight/satiety/price/ease and can be bought from luna at edron 10gp each
  • as free u should look at market for brown mushrooms/dragon ham or buy white mushrooms instead at Venore/kazzordoon
  • Dragon ham is the best option while at dp but can only be obtainable as drop from dragons in general
  • Ham is also a good option to take into account at the hour of buying food to make runes as their ease and satiety stats

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thanks for your detailed response with various hunting grounds to gather food from!
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your welcome and thx, but... im really curious why gathering?
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It of course depends on your level, but I'm collecting food very fast while hunting "sparks" - The Otherworld creatures, both weaker and stronger. You can loot there Energy Bars and Energy Drinks.

A lot of Dragon Hams you can loot also on Wyrms - Vandura Cave or Drefia.

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i didn't know about the energy bars, thank you for your suggestion!