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If my world manages to complete the Lightbearer quest, what are the prizes for the world? Also, are there any individual prizes?

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The success on the event shall grant individual rewards according to the amount of work that players made into it. In case of success, the whole server will receive 10% extra experience when hunting on a party with shared experience enabled.

Additionally, some peaceful creatures shall spawn on every major city if your server wins the world quest. These creatures are called Spirit of Light, and will cast mass healing while hovering around the cities streets: https://www.tibiaroyal.com/en/guide/monster/524/spirit-of-light/

Regarding the rewards, there are 3 cases described of individual rewards that you may receive upon the completion of the quest. Of course, every reward will need at least one basin to be lit, no matter if you are a Free Account or Premium Account (but Free Accounts may only receive the reward described on number 1, even if they managed to lit 3 basins):

1) If you lit at least one basin with your character:

Midnight Shard 20x Midnight Shards
Brocade Backpack Brocade Backpack
Death Ring Death Ring
Ring of Healing Ring of Healing
Christmas Token 50x Christmas Tokens
Gold Ingot 2x Gold Ignots
Giant Shimmering Pearl Giant Shimmering Pearl
Small Topaz Small Topazes
Stealth Ring Stealth Ring
Time Ring Time Ring
Silver Fafnar Trophy Silver Fafnar Trophy

2) Lighted all the different 10 basins with your character:

Crown Backpack Crown Backpack
Midnight Shard 10x Midnight Shards
Ring of Healing 2x Rings of Healing
Demonic Essence 50x Demonic Essences
Gold Ingot 4x Gold Ignots
Might Ring Might Ring
Violet Gem Violet Gem
Small Diamond Small Diamond
Golden Fafnar Trophy Golden Fafnar Trophy

3) Only ONCE after you lighted all 10 basins with your character, you may receive these additional items:

Moon Backpack Moon Backpack
Deed of Ownership Deed of Ownership (It allows you to receive the Blazebringer mount from Santa)

Keep in mind that each basin can be lit only once with your character, so you can't "repeat" the basin several times with the same basin. Needless to say, it is recommendable to have a large group of players in order to be succeed on this global mission.

References, images and information were based on: https://www.tibiaroyal.com/en/guide/32/the-lightbearer/