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I'd like to know for all creatures at each Lightbearer basin what the opportunity is to loot a midnight shard. Please include in your list the creature's name, basin location, and percentage for the shard to drop. This will be helpful incase you decide on camping specific basins.

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Hello :)

The odds for dropping Midnight Shard are as follows:

  • Duskbringer (10.02%) - Magician Qarter Yalahar
  • Midnight Spawn (8.03%) - Forbidden Lands
  • Shadow Hound (7.01%) - Ramoa
  • Bane of Light (6.93%) - Svargrond
  • Midnight Warrior (6.62%) - Plains of Havoc
  • Herald of Gloom (5.2%) - Edron Hero Cave
  • Bride of Night (3.98%) - Dwacatra
  • Nightslayer (2.06%) - Hellgate
  • Doomsday Cultist (1.88%) - Tarpit Tomb
  • Acolyte of Darkness (1.28%) - Drefia

It looks like biggest chance to drop Midnight Shard is by killing Duskbringers - but these are also the strongest of above creatures!

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Midnight_Shard

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I edited your answer to order the creatures by likelihood of dropping the midnight shard, which seems to make sense in the context of this question.
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Wiki can be a little outdated/wrong when it comes to percentages. I've noticed 2 creatures aren't within their percentage rates which are stated on the creature's bestiary entry.