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This question goes for all basins - The reason I ask is because I need to AFK at random times I know Forbidden Lands at the entrance there's a teleport where I can AFK. If possible please show or tell me where I can AFK to simplify things.

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Non-PVP: Ankrahmun, Yalahar, Kazordoon, Ramoa and Forbidden Lands have a nearby ladder, Edron has the Shaburak/Askarak area nearby, Drefia has the medusa shield quest nearby.

PVP: PoH has the PoH temple.

All of those AFK areas are less than 1 minute away (using a level 200+ to run). Drefia, Ankrahmun and Forbidden are the nearest ones, but Forbidden is much harder to access (due to quest requirements and because the mobs can kill low levels very easily), so if you want to help, I think Forbidden is the best one to keep checking.

I think that Svargrond is the worst area to AFK. I had to run for like 2 or 3 minutes to go to a safe place. But if you are semi-AFK, you can turn on sound at the highest and stay near the basin. You will hear the monsters attacking you if someone light the basin.

I don't remember now if Hellgate has a 100% safe area to AFK, but there are places nearby that you will only be attacked by skeletons or rotworms, so you should be fine if you have a high level.
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