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Recently since the Char Baazar was implemented when I check my history of "Character Kills" I see a new description in all the chars that have been traded "the name changed by some kind of ID / Code / Number?". From what I've seen, so far, each character has a unique number / code. I added a pic for a better explanation:
Oct 25 2020, 07:02:36 CESTKilled 61243731 traded at Level 505ok
Oct 03 2020, 03:25:47 CESTKilled 55514787 traded at Level 427ok
Is that number the ID of that specific character or is it the number of the sale transaction? In case if the ID is of the character, is it possible to know the ID / Number / without have to sell it? I means... How can I know the ID of my character?

 Thanks in advance.

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This number is likely some sort of a unique ID of a character.

One way that I know you can check this ID, is via Tibia forums when you make a new post. Right-click on the choose character input and select inspect. In the HTML that you get, you can easily see the ID of your characters like below.

Upon inspecting HTML:

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Ahhh interesting! Thanks for the research!