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Hello Tibians,

I wanted to try duo hunt on Floating Savants to make bestiary. I heard also that there is a pretty good exp. But before I start I have a few questions to you:

  • What is the best equipment for a 600 ED to use there?
  • Which floor is the best to make a good exp?
  • Do I need any quest to enter other floors?
  • What monsters except Floating Savants can I meet there ? 

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-The Secret Library Quest for access to The Museum of Tibia Arts - The Extension Site is what they call the Floating Savants spawn.

-There's a door on the third floor that's apart of the Bone Fiddle quest which is part of a mission of MoTA Bursting at the Seams. "Bone Fiddle quest which is part of a mission of MoTA Bursting at the Seams" for Cults of Tibia.

-You'll benefit doing a mixture of the 1st and 2nd floor with a Knight, this is what me and my real lifes did.

-The best set to wear to Floating Savants is fire reduction as the waves hurt! I'd recommend a Firemind Raiment, Falcon Circlet, Magma Legs, Umbral Master Spellbook or an Umbral Spellbook. You can do a Rainbow Necklace but if you don't own it just stick with a Foxtail Amulet at least. I don't think it's necessary to use any rings other than if you want to use a Ring of Healing or Life ring. A Blister ring wouldn't be necessary in this situation as a mage. But you can put a Shining Sun Catcher in your light source slot. Your shoes are definitely up to you! You can wear soft boots or a magic level boot shouldn't make anything difficult like maybe the Pair of Nightmare Boots. Your not tanking so just take this with a grain of salt for when you do get waved it's better to be safe than sorry.

imageFiremind RaimentMagma LegsUmbral Master SpellbookPair of Soft BootsRainbow NecklaceShining Sun Catcher

-Furies, Retching Horrors, Floating Savants, Demons, and Hellhounds are on the 1st floor

FuryRetching Horror Floating SavantDemonHellhound

-Furies, Floating Savants, and Demons are on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor.

FuryFloating SavantDemon

The reason 3rd floor to me is troublesome is because of the walls and how it takes forever to grab a wall. It's doable but if your not experienced with the spawn I recommend 1st and 2nd floor which is where we would get the most experience. You can try out the third floor if you want but it can be troublesome. Enjoy!

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Just a small correction: the quest in which you get full access to Savants is The Secret Library Quest, not Cults of tibia :)

"Bone Fiddle quest which is part of a mission of MoTA Bursting at the Seams" those are all part of The Secret Library quest
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I did this years ago thank you so much for helping lol
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How much exp you get there on 1 h hunt? Thank you for your help :)
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Honestly it's hard to recall my real life friends don't play anymore last time I hunted there was 2018 checking my screenshots. I think it was 2.5kk w/o green stamina from what I recall. We used to PG there with energy bombs and walls. We would go to the third floor once if in a blue moon if we felt like it but we'd rather stay on the 1st and 2nd floor as the spawn would just be ready for us anyways. I felt we got more experience staying on -1 and -2.  It was 3 of us so my estimate is probably off.