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The February 21, starts the A Piece of Cake event, this is one of the events that can be done with low-levels characters, so I want to do it on all my makers, but I play in a Open PVP Server, so it's likely there are many PK's chasing makers to drop their reward so, by saying this, Someone knows any good tip to get the reward and doesnt die in the trying angel?

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My tip is to give each maker a stealth ring, and use it when you go to collect your reward.


Since there are some creature near the Island, like Fox, the stealth ring will prevent you from getting loggout block, so you will be able to logout your makers as soon as you leave the island (you cannot log off inside the island).


After logging out all your makers right outside the Island, I'd recommend asking a friend to come (in a time the server is empty), like late night or very early, and then you can relog all your makers and give the rewards to your friend, who will then give you everything safely at the depot later.

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I just wanted to share some extra tips in making sure you can get the rewards from the Piece of Cake event. I'd recommend getting the rewards from the Piece of Cake event with a friend who is a higher level so you can be a little safer during this time. By doing the event I mean when your visiting the cake extractor machines you can have a partner or if you've already done that part, just so you can meet up with Brutus The Baker. Some guilds will have a team to ensure safety in numbers, so ask your friends or guild to help you.

Did you know that Brutus The Baker, the NPC who hands out the rewards, appears after the server save in which your world completed the event or eaten all the cake? Well before he spawns you can actually visit the extractor machines to complete this task that way you can worry about just getting the reward later.

Make sure your organized. Are you going to complete the extractor task before or after the fact? Are you going to be logged outside of the Cake Isle waiting for your friend? Make sure your friend is either waiting for you where you logged out or with you the whole time. Make sure your learn about the Piece of Cake event as well. Read up on it if you don't understand how it works or the process. Here's some helpful questions on TibiaQA that explain the event: https://www.tibiaqa.com/2398/how-does-a-piece-of-cake-world-quest-works?show=2398#q2398 and here: https://www.tibiaqa.com/1272/what-are-the-prizes-from-the-a-piece-of-cake and how to get rewards: https://www.tibiaqa.com/188/how-to-get-one-of-the-cupcakes-strawberry-blueberry-lemon

I'd say the best time to get the reward would be an unpopular time. Brutus The Baker will be spawned at Cake Isle to hand out the rewards for 7 days, the whole time your world has the regeneration and XP bonus. An unpopular time will be late at night or early in the morning depending on the time zone of your server. Note, you have 7 days to gather your reward so a lot of people will gather their reward sooner rather than later. So maybe waiting a little later won't hurt you in the long run.

Fire_Draggon also mentioned a Stealth Ring would come handy to prevent the Foxes for giving you PZ lock. I'd like to mention a teleport scroll from the daily rewards will come in handy at this point. As mentioned, you cannot logout on the cake island but you can logout past the bridge. As soon as you get off the bridge make sure you use your teleport scroll so you can safely go back to the temple.

If your in optional PVP pretty much utani gran hur and a time ring will do, but PVP servers are a little bit different and require organization and strategy. I hope you all get to have your cupcakes and eat it too!