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How can I eat the layers of the cake several times? How to do that faster? What would be a strategy for it?

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Bringing several noob characters is crucial. Having a premium account with many characters is a big advantage in this event. Having friends, neutrals and guilds united is a good thing to do it.

Before this part is started you should make sure you have a lot of hungry people (not regenerating) in Cormaya so when the 30 minutes begins they can rush to the cake and start eating it. each character can take 4 bites initially, each bite fills you up for 4 minutes (to a total of 16). waiting another 1 minute will give you another bite which will then make you completely full (19). It takes 19 minutes to become completely hungry again. in the 30 minutes you get to eat a floor a player can have a maximum of 12 bites.This means that there has to be at least 87 players eating the cake in order to finish one layer. By stepping on a spot where cake was already eaten you will earn the achievement Cake Conqueror.

In PvP servers, a great method would be killing noob characters residents in Edron.

On Titania Jarun Vord came up with the idea to do it in true PvP-style. Since there were too few hungry characters they created noobchars that resident in Edron. These players were given money to travel to Cormaya and once a char was full, it was killed - making it hungry again. This way the cake was eaten in four turns straight [2 hours].

 If your server is an Optional-PvP, using two guilds with noobchars from Edron with a single char from each guild killing full chars would help a lot to finish off the event in a good pace!

TEXT SOURCE: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/A_Piece_of_Cake

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I just tried to come every char and eat four pieces. Then I watched every 4 minutes to be able to eat the next parts with my main char. There isn't probably better way to do it. Doesn't count the time you are logged out, I tried.