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I saw many answers in similar question about charms for each vocation, but I wonder if there is a difference when we assume that we are playing only on facc.

Knight/Paladin has no attack spells, mostly single target hunting
Druid/Sorc much less attack spells, mostly rune hunting

Only 2 charms available.


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There is the charms I believe are more useful for each vocation:

1. Wound WoundFreezeFreeze

As Free Account Knights and Paladin, I would recommend using Wound because in free areas I think that all monsters are weak or neutral to physical damage, so this rune will be really useful, considering that with a free account it is not possible to use magic , if not only melee attacks, or the paladins at a distance but without magic.

For Mages and Druid, I would recommend both runes mentioned are good, but thinking on the prices of each, I would recomment to buy Frezee first because is cheapest, and the mostly monsters availables in free areas can be damaged with it (excepts water elementals), but unlike the EK's the mages can attack in the distance and also can help themselves using runes, I could recommend some defense or protection rune, but in my opinion the monsters available in free areas do not have much life and are practically weak to all damages, which makes them easy of kill. So its better to use Offensive charms as i mentioned before.

Hope this help you.

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In my opinion, the best are charms for dmg, so for magical profession I'd recommend: zap and freeze and others wound and maybe dodge.