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Hello Everyone,

As the topic says, there is a good quantity monsters we can find at Free Areas, there is possible to know how many charm points are possible to obtain as free account, I will appreciated if you can tell us the information with the following template:

Creature        How much we have to kill     Quantity of charm points we will get
 Rat250 creatures

Thanks you very much in advance. 

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I created a bestiary list on a promoted fansite of Tibia here's the link: https://tibiopedia.pl/monsters/user/shawtay/1,FACCBestiary

According to the Tibiopedia.pl, and if I inputted every single creature that free accounts can kill right the total is: 2544 out of 16415 charm points. This fansite will show you each creature, class, level, rarity, charm, progress amount. Also, if you clicked my link what you can kill for the bestiary as a free-account will show as green. It's a really great tool to use if you want to share your bestiary with your friends. You don't need to register for the fansite to view my bestiary list. To make your own bestiary list you just need to register for the promoted fansite, create your bestiary list, and make it so you can share your link. On the left of the screen you can change your language preference on the books. I cannot paste to you the chart I made, I tried but it's too much characters I went over the limit.

*Please note, I tried my best to double and triple check my selections. I am not perfect so please feel free to double check the creatures I selected as well. I'm almost certain I inputted everything correctly but it's hard to know about every creature. I tried my best and this took me hours, thank you.

However, please note I included creatures that can be killed during certain mini world changes, like the Water Elementals from Down the Drain mini world change. I also included Gloom Wolf and Ghost Wolf from Poacher Caves mini world change. I did NOT include creatures from some raids or events like Kingsday, badgers or liches as those are also from raids...unless you want me to I will include them.. I just think doing bestiary just based off of those raids can be traumatizing as not many spawn from my understanding. I will add them if you believe it's best, let me know!

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Hi Shawtay!

If I understood well they green columns means the charms we can do as free account right?.

I'm a bit confused about Yeti ┬┐its possible to travel to Folda as Free account? I thought boats was only for P.ACC :0.
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Yup green column means we can do them as facc. Yes you can go to Folda as a free account, I just double checked for you. :) I went on my level 8 facc.