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According with the news from July, 2018. The Malicious minion was removed from bestiary, this make me wonder, what others creatures where also removed from Bestiary along this years? And what happens with the people that already had finished those bestiaries? They lost those points?

Thanks in advance.

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As to answer your question about what happens with the people who finished the bestiaries, I cannot give you a clear answer on that one. I received an official response via a Cipsoft ticket about whether or not you keep removed charm points. Shockingly this is the response, "The points you already received should stay in your account, so no worries; your hunting efforts are not in vain" However, here's a list of creatures that were removed from the bestiary- 

  • Necromancer servant
  • Thorn minion
  • Travelling merchant
  • Unstable spark

Forum: Summer Update 2018

  • Malicious minion

Jul 31 2018 - Bugfixes and Content Changes 

  • Gloombringer
  • Spawn of Despair
  • Eclipse Knight
  • Harbringer of Darkness
  • Essence of Darkness 
  • Spirit of Light

Dec 11 2018 - Bugfixes and Content Changes

Spirit of Light forwarded fix

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Thanks you I will waiting for that edit! Hope they answer!
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You should see the edit.. what a shock.
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AHHH! Well nice at least those people didn't lost their time! Good to know!