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How long this spell will be active for my character once I cast it? I would like to know the time of it.

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The duration of the Spell cast "Utana Vid" is of 200 seconds (3min,20sec).

This spell can be only used by sorcers and druids, and cost 440 of mana everytime you use it, the cooldown of this spell is 2 seconds.

A curious fact that you have to know is that Paladins have available a spell cast called "exana ina" this spell have the same range as the "Mass Res" of ED's but the effect is cancel all the invisibility of the players that are around their ratio.

Old times, rps use it on war, and also used it for bosses like Ushuriel at Inquisition Quest against their enemies or just "for fun".

Hope this help you!