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Hello Everyone.

As the topic says, I know there is some NPC's that aren't availables over all year, so I want to know ¿what are the NPC we can only see on event or in specials days and what are the benefits they can give for us?

For example:

I know that only appears on December at the Christmas Event, and he give to us some presents, so by saying this, ¿can you please make like a list like: NPCs / Event or Days where we can find them / and  what are the Benefits/ rewards/ they give to us... and if is possible in case we have to do a quest to get the benefit or reward can you please say the name?

Thanks in advance.

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  •  Stan will only be available during Masquerade Days (february), he sells the costume bags. He is in Venore.
  •  Brutus the Baker, only appears after A Piece of Cake world quest succeeds, in Cormaya's Cake Island. He will give you the rewards (cupcakes, etc...)
  •  Hoaxette will appear in Thais during the month of April. You can assemble a Jester Doll with her.
  •  The Demon Mother will appear in Jakundaf Desert during the World Quest Demon's Lullaby: May 7th-14th. She will give you the Demon Infant and if you succeed, the reward.
  •  Lucius only appears during the Lightbearer event, from Nov 11th to 15th (or to Nov 30th if world succeeds). He gives you the Torch and takes you to the Lightbearer reward room, and also exchanges Midnight Shards for Experience.
  •     Messager of Santa and Santa Claus will only appear during Christmas event, from Dec 12th to 31th, Santa will give you a random Christmas Present, and Messenger will sell you Christmas Decorations
  •  Minzy is only available during the Bewitched Event, from June 21th to 25th. She will exchange bewitched points for rewards (Ravens)
  •  Rosemarie appears during the month of flowers, June, in Port Hope. She will get Seeds and give you Flower Pots.
  •  Valentina appears during Valentine's Day, february 14th, in Greenshore. She sells Valentine's items, like teddies, cards, backpacks, etc.
  •  Smaralda only appears during the event: A Pirate's Death to Me. She will sell you Scum Bag and also tell you which mark you have in the event.