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There are certain keywords regarding quests whose status differ from server to server.

I am looking for a list of all those kind of words.

Note, this also includes global events such as devovorga or cake event (if it's possible to get information regarding those kind of events by asking city guides at all).
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You only want to know about NPC City Guides interactions regarding event stages, right? :) good question, btw

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Saying the word "keyword" or "change" will give you a list of the valid keywords that can be said to guide NPCs. The current list is as follows:

Guide Alexena: Valid keywords are: Horestis, Mage Tower, Master's Voice, Swamp Fever, Thornfire, Twisted Waters, Awash, Steamship, Horses, Overhunting, Demon War, Sea Serpent, Deepling or Hive.
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Any idea on global events?
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I'm not sure. Can you even get global event info from the Guide NPCs? I don't remember seeing it.