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Today looking a fansite i read that  Beer Tap is used to "mount" a creature, but searching it in another fansite there is not any information about it. Someone knows what does the Beer Tap? The description says is used to tap a barrel of beer! 

Beer Tap.gifBeer Tap
It weighs 5.00 oz.
Can be used to tap a barrel of beer.

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The beer tap is part of the items needed to get the red, green or blue rolling barrel mount which you can only get when The Orcsoberfest event is active. To know when Orcsoberfest is active it's always best to check the news or the event schedule here: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=eventcalendar

I'm going to add how to get this mount, even though it's mentioned on another related TibiaQA question here: https://www.tibiaqa.com/7271/how-to-tame-red-green-blue-rolling-barrel-new-mount?show=7271#q7271

You need to use aBeer Tap beer tap on a large beer cask (pictured below - in the town section of Orcsoberfest where the mini-games are or east of the entrance) You need to also have a Decorative Red SheetDecorative Green SheetDecorative Blue Sheet decorative red, green, or blue sheet in your inventory. The sheet will correspond with which mount you will get. You can get all three colored mounts! To obtain these items you need to loot them from some creatures in Orcsoberfest.

TheBeer Tap beer tap is a semi-rare drop by a Roast Pork (between 1 and 5%)Roast Pork.gif

The Decorative Red SheetDecorative Green SheetDecorative Blue Sheet decorative red, green, or blue sheets is a very-rare drop by a Bellicose Orger (less than 0.5%) Bellicose Orger

I wanted to show you my bestiary for obtaining these sheets as I obtained them all within 800 kills but I was attempting to kill more afterward to test out my luck-

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Thanks you.
You explained it very well. I thought for those mounts only the sheets was needed!
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Great and very useful answer! Thank you for this information.
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you're both welcome :)
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You can use to mount the Green, Blue and Red rolling Barrilfrom orcsoberfest. will start on friday.
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But those barrels aren't mount with the colors sheet?
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Shawtay put a complete explanation bellow.