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At orcsoberfest island have one place where you can see some Orc Musican with a Cow:

There is any game to do here? What is supposed that we do here? What does these Orcs do?

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As mentioned, I don't think there's anything that the Orc Musicians can do other than party. Here's things I tried to do-

*Played instruments while being turned into an orc and as a human

*Threw some rotten tomatoes

*Summoned orcs

*Wore a party hat and used it

*Played a Party trumpet

Also note there's already an achievement you get for doing all the Orcsoberfest tasks/games. Unless this is some sort of hidden task or secret game that doesn't count of course. I think their solely decoration as sad as it seems. I discussed this with other friends and we came to this conclusion.
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I tried to write to them or do anything and I think it is only decoration. Just like a house on the upper floor of the island. Maybe someday it will be extended.