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During the "Whack The Orc!" game I always get 5 festive points but I wonder if there is any better reward and how many orcs I have to hit to get it?

Thanks in advance.

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For the Whack-an-Orc game you can do this game every 15 minutes. It seems 15 festive points, in my experience, is the highest amount you can get. I want to also include the other amount of festive points you can obtain:

8 orcs: 5 festive points
10 orcs: 10 festive points
15 orcs: 15 festive points
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Highest amount for this game is 15 points. You can get 5, 10 and 15 points for this game.
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15 points, try to get the hammer into a hotkey and keep moving so u can have orcs nearby and whack at least 2 for every round