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Here is many places to hunt as Premium Account, but as Free account what are the best places to hunt with a RP 50?

I would appreciate if you could give an estimate of the experience and the profit per hour.

Thanks in advance.

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I would go for three places:

Stonerefiners: With stealth ring. Bring your best weapon. It is a pretty chilling hunting session every time that I go there. Good bestiary and easy profit.


Access this place through Hidden Threats Quest.


Orc Fortress: YES! I would bring many burst arrows along with poison wall or/and poison bombs. Stealth ring can save you from Orc Berserks, but not Leaders or Warlords! Try to get a good physical set to be here. After you know the place, it is pretty easy to walk inside (I use low level characters at the Orc Backpack respawn).

No secret to get there at all. Simply leave Venore in direction to the Ulderek's Rock region in your map: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/Ulderek%27s_Rock

You got a royal mail box right here: https://www.tibiawiki.com.br/wiki/mapa#32970,31778,7:1

Outside is pretty good, but if you know the place you can venture yourself inside the fortress!

Dwarven Maze: Old school respawn, where you focus on Dwarf Guard. Can be profitable if you wish to do lootbag. Again, burst arrows can be welcomed. Bolts are also a good choice. Rest assured that the experience will not be that great. It is one my personal favorites due to being somewhat forgotten.

You can find one of the best respawns of Dwarf Guard in the old Dwarven Maze. Remember to bring Firebombs here!

This video will show the route to take to one of the best respawns of Dwarf Guard in Tibia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W6SBIQcMIVg

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In my opinion the best place is at POHIt is also close to the protection zone.

I have no idea how much experience you'll get per hour, but I know it's a good place with a profit. By the way, you can finish several monsters to the bestiary. You can also check if there is Demodras.

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for me it's good spawn too, but not for 50 lvl :(
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for me spawn with Stonerefiners (Hidden Threats Quest).  You can use stealth ring here. It's good exp and profitable spawn :)