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Is the "Compensated Penalty" working or it isn't?

Recently, in my character I suffered some deaths from connection problems. And according to Tibia.com there are 3 types of "Character Deaths":

Regular Death Penalty: No mass kick detected - not entitled to any compensation

Penalty Compensated: Mass kick detected after death - experience, skills and blessings compensated

No Loss: You did not lose any experience, items, skills and blessings.

In this case, taking into consideration that my death was due to connection problems, I think I should have received the "Penalty Compensated" however, when I check my account I figure out that it take it as Regular Death Penalty.

Is the "Compensated Penalty" working or it isn't? How does it really works?

Thanks in advance.

PD.: I don't know if my tags is correct. Feel free to edit my question if is needed.

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I can answer based on my own experience. I've had some deaths due to connection problems and crashing, but I still got the full penalty, and have had deaths that wasn't full penalty. I sent some tickets to Cipsfot and for what I understand the compensation only will occur when the connection problem is a huge thing around the server and/or game. If many people on your server dies at the same time due connetion problems, Cipsoft understand that is a massive problem and you'll be compensated (it happened to me, I died due to lag and didn't lose experience). But if the connection problem affects only a few players and few people die, the full penalty will happen, that might be your case.
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So for them connection issues means the server not a single player, It makes sense!