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What is the best place and faster way to finish the  Crystalcrusher bestiary in the whole Tibia? Do this bestiary is a good option to do without Fast Respawn? If you have any good tip please let us know.

Thanks in advance.

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Best options to finish Crystalcrusher bestiary are:

  1. Crystal Gardens: You can reach the Crystal Grounds by going through a Large Crystal Teleporterhere. You will face a good number Crystalcrushers, also will find  Earth Elementals and Wyverns, this way you can make some progress os these other creaures.
  2. Mushroom Gardens: The Mushroom Gardens are located on the lower floors of the Gnomebase Alpha. To reach them first travel to Gnomegate, take the teleporter here (rank II or higher in the Bigfoot's Burden Quest) and walk to the south of Gnomebase Alpha and go down a ramp here. Walk a few steps north and go down some Mushroom Corkscrew Stairs here. On the second floor in addition to Crystalcrushers you will find Crystal Spiders, Wigglers and Wyverns.

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I would think the best place to unlock these would be in the Crystal Grounds in Gnomegate. This is the place where you do the "Crystal Keeper" and "Raiders of the Lost Spark" missions of the Bigfoot's Burden Quest.

If hunting both floors I think the spawn would be quick enough during regular respawn even at a higher level.