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Since the Summer Update 2013. There is posible to have some Replica Items of some Tibia Fansites, exchanging Silver Raid Token to Jorge during the Hunting_For_Tokens_Quest.

My question is, ¿Which fansites doesn't have a replica item? 

Images Sources: Tibia_Fandom

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OMG! I didn't know that! BTW can you explain me with you use flag to write that? It could be just posted in a comment!
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A good answer to this question can explain what rules drive whether a fansite has a replica or not. It can also provide a way to quickly check that in-game. So this question can be answered in a way that won't be short-term.

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Fansite Items are special items designed to represent a fansite in-game. 

When a fansite leaves the fansite programme, their fansite item remains in-game but can no longer be obtained unless bought from other players. On the other hand, a replica of the item is always added to the game some time after (usually the next Major Update) in order to allow other players to obtain a copy of it for decoration purposes.

  • Adamant Shield from TibiaLife
  • Black Knight Doll from TibiaLatina.wikia.com
  • Citizen Doll from TibiaTV
  • Crunor's Heart from Tibiabosses
  • Dark Wizard's Crown from TibiaMisterios
  • Dread Doll from TibiaFun
  • Ferumbras Doll from Tibiopedia
  • Epaminondas Doll from PortalTibia
  • Goromaphone from RadioGoroma
  • Heavily Bound Book from TibiaWiki
  • Journal Shield from BomDiaTibia
  • Little Adventurer Doll from TibiaGuias
  • Lucky Clover Amulet from TibiaLottery
  • Majestic Shield from GuildStats
  • Memory Box from TibiaEvents
  • Midnight Panther Doll from TibiaMagazine
  • Mini NabBot from NabBot
  • Omniscient Owl TibiaQA
  • Scroll of the Stolen Moment from FotoTibia
  • Shield of Destiny from TibiaRoyal
  • Shield of Endless Search from OrcSearch
  • The Epic Wisdom from TibiaWiki.com.br
  • Tibiacity Encyclopedia from Tibiacity
  • Tibiora's Box from Tibia-Stats
  • War Backpack from TibiaWars

Source 1 and Source 2

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Dragon Goblet has a replica since a couple of updates ago.
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Really!? I don't have it so I didn't know :D Orbiisz your question is totally fine so don't worry about that. Even admin said that this is okay.
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Of course, not every inactive page has its own replica item. not all of them have been created yet. This question is good and these covered items are found here. you could add if you want active pages, but nice you want to separate them.
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I just want to add to Aneg351's answer to just add some more sources as she already provided the items that aren't available right now (which answered your question). I was just really excited to add some of my research too.

When it comes to Tibia the way the add the replicas depends on a couple of things:

  1. If the fansite had a fansite item to begin with and if it ever got implemented into the game
  2. The time the fansite left the program. Also, note replicas are for fansites that left the fansite programs at a certain point not for currently active fansites. You won't see replicas for active fansites that never left before because replicas are meant to be an additional way to obtain the fansite's item.
  • Did the fansite ever have a fansite item implemented in-game?

For example,  FotoTibia was a supported fansite from 2009-2011. Their item Scroll of the Stolen Momentwas never implemented in-game therefore it's not a replica.

  • How long does it take to implement replicas?

It's not just the next major update....it can take time to implement replicas. I want to paste an important quote from the official forums:

The replica items are made, once a fansite drops out of the fansite programme and it is very likely that they will not return to the programme. So we wait some time before these items become available, to make sure that a fansite that comes back still has the fansite item available as it was before.
As long as the fansite is still in the programme, the items are a big motivation for people to contribute to a site. As I mentioned before, some admins have contribution systems on their site. They offer their fansite item as a reward for writing articles, for example, or submitting pictures, videos or other news. Others attract contest participants with their items, and help player created events gain popularity and interest by sponsoring their item as a reward.
We fear that if the items were available as replica ingame at the same time, that motivational factor would be reduced.



RadioGoroma's fansite item is called the Goromaphone Goromaphone but it's not a replica yet even though the fansite ended on April 23 2019. So I wanted to kinda do a rough estimate on how long it takes for items to become replicas (Please see below for some, but not all examples). Basically Tibia waits a little bit to make sure the fansite doesn't become active again.  Remember, they implemented the first round of replicas in July 2013. On average Tibia usually waits 2 years to implement a replica, but this isn't always the case for example if you read about the Assassin Doll below in which it took just 1 year after they left or the Music Box which took about 3 years to get implemented.

Draken Doll The Draken Doll was from the fansite Tibia Journey which ended July 2015 but the replica was implemented in July 2017 almost 2 years later.

Imortus (Replica)The Imortus was from Exhiti which ended November 2014 but the replica was implemented in August 2016 almost 2 years later.

Music Box (Replica)The Music Box was from TibiaSpace which ended in July 2013 but the replica was implemented in August 2016 about 3 years later.

Assassin DollThe Assassin Doll was from TibiaBrasileiros which ended in March 2017 replica was implemented July 2018 a little over a year later.

Bookworm Doll (Replica) The Bookworm Doll was from TibiaLibrary which ended October 2016 replica was implemented July 2018 almost 2 years later.

How can I know what replicas are available to get now?

Of course a good way to know which replicas are available right now is by checking with NPC Jorge at the Adventurer's guild.  Their guild can be accessed by using an Adventurer's Stone in any city's temple. Players can get their first stone on the ship at the Island of Destiny or ask any Temple NPCs for an "Adventurers' Stone". You just need to start the Hunting for Tokens Quest. If your first talking with him you can say hi > replicating > help > yes. Then after you started the quest you go to him and simply say hi > souvenir. After this he will list to you all the available items that you can replicate. For example, right now he states:

17:48 Jorge: In this category I can offer you a Norseman doll, an abacus, a key of numerous locks, a friendship amulet, a mexcalibur sword, an orc shredder, a frozen heart, a phoenix statue, a dragon eye and a noble sword. Or: ...
17:48 Jorge: A hand puppet, a music box, an encyclopedia, a Durin doll, a medusa skull, a newspaper, a bag of spices or an Exhiti imortus. ...
17:48 Jorge: A mathmaster shield, a draken doll, an emblem, a crimson doll, an old radio, a bookworm doll, a golden falcon and an assassin doll. ...
17:48 Jorge: A dragon goblet, a pigeon trophy, a loremaster doll and a jade amulet. ...

Sources with additional information:

  1. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Adventurers%27_Guild
  2. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Hunting_for_Tokens_Ques
  3. https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Unsupported_Tibia_Fansites