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In the Castle of Thais have the NPC Baxter how yell the following messages:

20:57 Baxter: The orcs are preparing for war!!!

20:57 Baxter: People of Thais, bring honour to your king by fighting in the orc war!

20:59 Baxter: Volunteer for the orc war!

I started the coversation about orcs, but he said me this:

21:00 Zbiiro [39]: Hi


21:00 Zbiiro [39]: KING

21:00 Baxter: King Tibianus III is our wise and just leader!

21:00 Zbiiro [39]: our

21:00 Baxter: I'm a proud member of the king's army. It's my duty to guard the castle. Sometimes I have to deal with less important work though.

21:00 Zbiiro [39]: work

21:00 Baxter: We've got a rat problem in the sewers. In the name of our glorious king, I'm paying 1 blinking piece of gold for every freshly killed rat you bring me. ...

21:00 Baxter: You seem strong! Do you want to help fighting the orcs? They prepare themselves for war! We need everyone who's capable of killing greenskins! Ask me about the orc war if you are interested.

21:00 Zbiiro [39]: orc war

21:00 Baxter: I have no use for recruits who die in the first skirmish! Come back when you are better trained!

Someone knows if this is a quest? There is a level or quest needed to be a volunter for the "Orc War"?

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The quest you're referring to is called the Machinery of War Quest. It's listed under Tibia Tales in your quest log and you can also see your rank by going to Orc War Rank once the quest is accepted. You need to be at least level 50 to do this quest and premium isn't required. Baxter, who is the NPC for this quest will tell you "I have no use for recruits who die in the first skirmish! Come back when you are better trained!" if you're below level 50!

For this quest you need (each time you do the tasks)-