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All the professions have the magic "Utori".

And not all of them can heal their own attack, for example:

EK use Utori Kor, and heal it with Exana Kor.

ED use Utori Pox and heal it with Exana Pox.

A difference of RP and MS:

Rp use Utori San and can't heal it but can use Exana Mort.

MS use Utori Flam, Utori Vis, Utori Mort, but can't heal any of them.

Why RP's and MS's can't heal their own attacks and ED's and EK's do?
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I dont think there is a correct answer to your question, it doesnt mean its not a good one, i guess its just a cipsoft thing till now.

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Druids can't heal ice damage that asuras give also, by the way. That propably won't be fixed and I dont think cipsoft consider it as problem.