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Hello! I would like to know what happens in Tibia that makes paladins so in need of Magic Level nowadays (or maybe since ever). Apparently, people tend to buy Exercise Rods/Wands in order to upgrade the Magic Level of Paladins early on... But why they focus so much on Magic Level? Does that make the damage of Divine Caldera and Burst Arrows better? What is affected that way for Paladins?

Asking because nowadays this seems to be the meta for Paladins.

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In my opinion nowadays leveling up the magic level has become more important than in the past years for paladin because of the imbuements of vampirism and mana leech. The most damage you deal, the most hp/mana you are getting in exchange; and for paladins it makes a difference when you use your spells and expansive runes properly: diamond arrow divine caldera + diamond arrow + expansive rune. This additional hp you are getting, in addition to your healing spells (which will be higher aswell because of your magic level) can stay you alive and spend less supplies.

Second reason of leveing up magic level is that unlike training with exercise bows, it takes less rods/wands to icrease the magic level (for me for example: I need almost 3 times the amount of rods that I use, to increase the same proportion of distance.

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Just complementing the answer from Beix, specially whhile hunting alone or RP/ED the HP recory is fundamental to a safe/good hunt. If we take a look at how paladins hunt nowadyas it's we identify that the combination of "Mas San"+ Runes AOE are what will keep Hp and mana  flowing.
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yeeep! Imbuements and the diamond arrows made the difference for paladins ^^