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I know many people train lower level characters using a higher level weapon. I've heard that if the weapon is a high enough level requirement above your current level you will always do 1 damage with it. Does anyone know the actual amount of levels higher it has to be?
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Have never heard about that o.O
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I believe it is somewhere in the range of if you are level 8 and using a weapon for level 75+. But unsure of the exact details

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According to some research...

Each level of difference is -1 ATK.
Example: You're LV 10 and you train with a Crystalline Sword Crystalline Sword (ATK 47 - Level Req. 62)
The level difference is 52 levels which means you get -52 ATK from this weapon leaving the weapon with "-5 ATK" but since it must do damage, it deals 1 damage hits.

Here's a video where someone tried multiple weapons and all of them are within the range of 50 levels of difference to reduce the weapons attack.

This means the Knights "Mad Sheep" Skill technique works best if done at low level but once you're high level it'll be hard since you'll need a very high level weapon in order to make this work.

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So it works only yf you are low lvl basically
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Yes, pretty much.

For higher levels you have alternatives as the Modified Gnarlhounds.