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Today in my server was a service to do Inquisition Quest, I wanted do on my maker but I couldn't cuz I didnt have done POI, so It make me think... apart of POI and Inquisition, Which others quest are directly related? I means that to continue a mission you must have a "x mission" done.

For example:

To enter to Yalahar we must started first Explored Society.

There is another quest that needed a "pre-quest"?

Thanks in advance.

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Great question! I was trying to put in another words what you said to be more exactly but I guess that it seems good for now as it is.
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Thanks! Revisions are always welcome! :)

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I'm going to list some quests that have requirements for you to complete or do some missions of other quests:

Jack to the Future Quest

Research and Development Quest
Rest in Hallowed Ground Quest
Shadows of Yalahar Quest
Hero of Rathleton Quest
Nomads Land Quest
Kissing a Pig Quest
Sinatuki Quest
Grimvale Quest

The Ice Islands Quest

A Father's Burden Quest

The Secret Library Quest

The Inquisition Quest

Vampire Hunt Quest

In Service of Yalahar Quest

Wrath of the Emperor Quest

Children of the Revolution Quest

The Dream Courts Quest

The Cursed Crystal Quest

Meriana Quest

Feaster of Souls Quest

The Demon Oak Quest
The Isle of Evil Quest
  • Access to Yalahar during the In Service of Yalahar Quest
Spirit Hunters Quest

Glooth Engineer Outfits Quest

  • For the base outfit: complete of the Dark Trails Quest.
  • For the first addon: base outfit, Inhabitant rank in the Rathleton Quest and votes cast towards each of the available "shortcuts" and "dungeon" topics at least once.
  • For the second addon: base outfit, first addon, Inhabitant rank in the Rathleton Quest and votes cast towards each of the available "bosses" topic at least once.

Cults of Tibia Quest

Barbarian Arena Quest

An Uneasy Alliance Quest

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Quests

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Great search! Thanks you.
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Awesome research! A lot of work, thanks!
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Nice question, here are some that I remember:

  • The New Frontier -> Children of the Revolution -> Wrath of the Emperor
  • In Service of Yalahar -> Blood Brothers
  • Threatened Dreams -> Dream Courts
  • Pits of Inferno -> Inquisition