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Hi, I want to know what quests are the best to win fast money, since I know there is many and I am sure im forggeting some that may be really worth to do It.

It would be nice if also you say the rewards of that quests

Im level 548 but I want to know It also for my second chars.
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This highly depends on your level - what level are you? Could you add that into your question?
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Added info on question
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I agree this question is very broad. There are certain quests that give great rewards but are difficult to complete alone. Are we looking for nice & easy quests with good profit or just any quests?
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Any quests , but if It is fast and profitable I Will like It more haha

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Profit with Quests

You can do Dwarven legs quest and Koshei the deathless quest (blue legs) those are easy to do and its very sellable on market for a good price.


Dwarven Legs: http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/The_Hidden_City_of_Beregar_Quest#The_Royal_Rescue

Koshei Amulet: http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Koshei_the_Deathless_Quest

Minor crystalline tokens: http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Bigfoot%27s_Burden_Quest

You can do this every 20h and you can do it pretty quickly

It's a decent way to make money if you sell the minor crystalline tokens (check the price) and when you have enough points you can join warzones for free stuff (only if held daily in your server).

Secret Service Quest: http://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/Secret_Service_Quest

There is a video that shows you how to do it.

I saw now that you are 500+ so I will recommend you so hard Heart of Destruction gold tokens , you can do it every 20 hours and its sooo much money , in a rush you can get 16 gold token that are like  650k~ it depends on world server.

Those are the best one for fast and easy on normal levels , Im gonna give you a huge list for every quest and profit that you can make based on level:

Quests 8-50 Level

Quests 50-100 Level

Moneymaking without quests

Collect large amount of empty potion flasks(large) in high level hunting areas. The more intense the hunting area, the less likely that someone else takes their time to pick up flasks. Carry many empty bps and drag around a backpack with the flasks in it, because it won't be worth taking trips with just your capacity's worth of flasks. Look in places that are frequently botted and require a lot of supplies, as botters are usually hunting for long periods of time which results in a lot of flasks being dropped.

Tip: Places like lizard city  have postmail so you can send parcels with backpacks of vials and continue doing it many time as you wish, this saves you a lot of time

Large empty flask you can sell each 100 for 500gps so I think you can easily make like 150k in 20 minutes more or less, is not a funny thing to do but if you need money is a easy and fast way to get it.


Another way to win much money since the Update with the Imbuement system is to recollect or farm all the items that you need for Imbuements, the price of this valuables items has been raised so so much since some of normal items cost now like 5k on market and you can sell them so easy and fast. Here is some items(with their respective imbuement) you can get and make much profit.

Those two Imbuements are very popular on market and very profitable, the price of each item depends on the world but this are very good to farm monster to get such a nice profit.

But the most popular imbuement is the Critical one , MS/ED of 300+ lvl buy them all the time so this one will be the best to win easy money.
Protective Charms (Valkyrie and Amazons)

Sabreteeth (Mutated Tigers)

Vexclaw Talons (Vexclaws, hard monster but they drop many talons)



There is another way to win easy money and thats the market. So how you can do money on market? I will try to explain below some methods and some tips.

  • First tip for buy and sell to get profit is to buy from market every creature product that is only sellable to Yasir , why this? because when Yasir has not appeared many people sells all the valuables they get on the hunts on market , and they will accept easily if you are buying it from less than NPC since they prefer to insta sell and get money to split with the team rather than waiting Yasir to appear. You can check Yasir to see the hole list of items that he buys.

  • The other way is simply but slow , there is many many people that prefers to sell on market all the backpacks of loot they have. Because there is many lazy people or they just dont have the specific Djinn quest (eg: you have many Blue Djinn items but you can sell only on Green). Well since this happens they will agree to sell for example Knight Legs for 4500 gps instead of 5000gps that is the normal price on NPC. So you just have to put buy offers of all Green/Blue Djinn items on 500gps under the normal price. With this method you can win like 1kk per week, is not that much for some people its very helpful (note: the profit will depends on your initial balance , the more money you have the more items you can buy).

  • Another method is to Buy/Sell TibiaCoins, TibiaCoins change its price continuosly so you just need to know when they will raise and when they will fall. Well , you have to know that TibiaCoins normally raises like 2k per TibiaCoin when there is near a doubleExp or RapidRespwn event, this happens because people buys a lot of ExpBoost and Preys .. etc. Another thing that makes TibiaCoins raises is that there will be a Update Soon , this happens because on Updates they normally implement a lot of new things on the store and people that likes to buy deco will buy many TibiCoins on market so thats also a good moment to sell TibiaCoins.  So try to buy TibiaCoins when those events are not close and then sell them when you see that they raise like 1,5k-2k, as the method before the profit will depends on your initial investment of money.

Hope this helps you! if you need more info just comment below

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Added some market method for gain money
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Man, wtf hahaha you crazy, thanks so much!
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Kudos to Zupakode for answering it on a so clear and well made way. I will bookmark this question for future questions that I receive from players and friends regarding getting money on Tibia. Well done!