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I am planning to get Hippofoddermus achievement. From what I understand, I have to feed Reed Balls to Hippos which are around the Kilmaresh. From the TibiaQa thread here- https://www.tibiaqa.com/4326/how-to-get-the-hippofoddermus-achievement?show=4326#q4326 I have an impression that I can achieve it by feeding only one hippo 100 times. Nevertheless, What are all locations of  Hippos and which are the safest places to get it done?

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Hippos can be found around the Killmaresh coast.

There is some locations where you can found them, the first one is IMO the safest spot to complete the achievement in the inside the city as the picture below shows:.

And these are all the points that I know so far, of course there are more points that I am missing in the image. Specifically located around the coast of the Central Steppe, the Southern Steppe and the Green belt. However, the places I have marked on the map are the safest and easiest to find.

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You also can find Hippo in reward island from The Journey Task [Prate's Tail Quest]