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I remember that long time ago I have seen sprites of monsters, equipment etc. that were made but never implemented into the game. Can you give me examples of these items with your source?

Thanks in advance!

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On different fansites we can find some information about never used by Cipsoft in game sprites.

According o TibiaWiki.com.br, which for now is the best source in case of this topic we can divide never used sprites in two groups.

1) items that are unused but still exists in Tibia's database:

Rusty Weapon.gifRusty Boots.gifWinter2010item26.gifWinter2010item29.gifSmall Rope.gifShadow Draptor2.gif27094.gif Fish Tail.gif Sprite004Summer2013.gif Sprite005Summer2013.gifWinter2015Item36.gif


Runa sprite01.gif  Runa sprite02.gif  Runa sprite03.gif  Runa sprite04.gif  Runa sprite05.gif  Runa sprite06.gif  Runa sprite07.gif  Runa sprite08.gif  Runa sprite09.gif  Runa sprite10.gif  Runa sprite11.gif  Runa sprite12.gif  Runa sprite13.gif  Runa sprite14.gif  Runa sprite15.gif  Runa sprite16.gif  Runa sprite17.gif  Runa sprite18.gif  1319.gif  Runa sprite19.gif 

2) items that are unused and removed from Tibia's database:

Guido.gifCM doll.gifNew helmet01.gifWinter2010item45.gifWinter2010item44.gifWinter2010item43.gifWinter2010item42.gifWinter2010item41.gifWinter2010item40.gif Item6.gifItem5.gifItem4.gif

It means that there are no plans to implement these items in game anymore.



On the other hand Tibia.Fandom.com presents some additional sprites:

ID 3150Plant MonsterArmoured War Horse (Creature)  



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At the time of posting here are some examples of Unused Sprites.

S25507ID 3150ID 3151ID 3154ID 3157ID 3159ID 3162ID 3167ID 3168ID 3169ID 3170ID 3171ID 3181ID 3183ID 3184ID 3185ID 3186ID 31871319ID 3194ID 3196ID 3199ID 3201

Plant Monster27094Armoured War Horse (Creature)Shadow Draptor (Creature)   927

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Unused_Sprites

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Cool, thanks! :D
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Some of this unused sprites are in the tibia fan kit
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wow this grey dragon is VERY COOL. Just wanted to highlight that, LOL