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Tibia is made from pixels. Where can I find all sprites that exist in Tibia?

Of course, I know, that I can visit TibiaRoyal and use their database to contribute and build their database, but looking for any particular item is quite hard among hundreds of sprites.

Is there any other source of sprites?

*WIKIs are not a good example since we've got a database of items there (including gif, parameters, description). I need raw sprites, splitted gifs into slides etc.

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Very good question, I was also curious if there is possibility. Maybe is there any way to "pull" them out from client version? I will wait for answers.

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As far as I know, the easiest way is to get them from OT server clients. There are some OT servers that converted tibia 12 sprites to tibia 10's  way of storing sprites (tibia.spr and tibia.dat files), which is simpler to extract from. To extract from .spr, you can use https://github.com/TibiaJS/sprites-extractor among other options and tools.

You can also try this to convert the new tibia client to old tibia client, and then extract from .spr files generated.


If you want to extract it directly from official client, you can try: https://github.com/Auscent/Tibia-11-SpriteDump

I think this is the one I used before and I remember it required some small fix to run. I don't know if it works for tibia 12+. That's why I think first option is to extract from .spr files.

I think the sprites have copyright and are property of cipsoft, so you shouldn't use them anyway.