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I saw in a house thisGreen Light. I asked some friends but we don't know where it is from. Does anybody know where I can find it? 

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It was obtainable from NPC Gaberiel for about 2 weeks since May 31st 2014 as a token of appreciation, once Tibia was greenlit on Steam.

SOURCE: TibiaFandom

NOTE: Following you can see the news at oficial website about Greenlit

imageMay 30 2014 -Tibia Got Greenlit

imageou made it happen, Tibians! Tibia has been greenlit on Steam!
THANK YOU for all your support, this would not have been possible without you!
It was amazing to see so many people rooting for Tibia. We are incredibly grateful for having such a passionate community. We also want to thank you for your constructive and honest comments. Your feedback and dedication encourage us to continue working hard on improving Tibia.

If you are interested in Tibia's statistics on Steam Greenlight and how it compared to other games, simply click on the picture to the right.
We are now starting to work towards making Tibia available via Steam. Please understand that it will take some time to get all the details sorted out.

As a token of appreciation, NPC Gaberiel will appear at Harbour Place in Thais with tomorrow's server save to hand out a green light to every Tibian who stops by and greets him. He will stick around for about two weeks.

Hail Tibia!
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Thank you :)
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Is there any clue of the price?
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@ Candangoek
On Antica market it's 50k on sell offer. On other worlds it's really hard to get.
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Nowadays you can buy it only from another players:

You could get  from NPC Gaberiel for about 2 weeks since May 31st 2014 as a token of appreciation, once Tibia was greenlit on Steam.

There is a movie how it was possible to get it : youtube

Source - TibiaWikia and Tibiopedia