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In Tibia there's some candles that don't go out, however there's some light source items that do go out. I was wondering what are all the illumination items that expire (candles, wands, etc) and how long does it take for them to get to that point?

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I know about this items:

  •  Black Candle - It disappears when burnt out - 30 minutes after you pick it up - and cannot be unlit.
  •  Torch - Provides 7 squares of yellow light for 20 minutes.
  •  Magic Light Wand - provides 8 squares of white light, and look like this . Expires after 50 minutes.
  •  Skull Candle - provides 3 squares of yellow light for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes when it's time expires, it becomes an ordinary skull again.
  • Soulforged Lantern - Can be used to remove the Hex condition during the Feaster of Souls Quest (Burnout chance 20%).

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dont forget to add the time for the magic light wand , and the burnout chance for that lantern is unknown?
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Oh, sorry i forgot to add the time. And yes lantern has 20 % to burn ...
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Can you please add Enchanted Dracoyle Statue & Devourer Core which after using changes to Burnt Out Devourer