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There is any benefit of pay the promotion on the chars? If have... ┬┐there is a different benefits for each vocation?.
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Promoted characters will receive a new title.

Promoted characters will have a reduced death penalty. In case of death, a promoted character will lose 30% less experience and skills. Item drop rates are unaffected.

Health and mana regeneration rates are faster with promotion. The rate change according to the following table.

VocationHPManaPromoted titleHP(diff)Mana(diff)
Knight1 hp/6 sec2 mana/6 secElite Knight1 hp/4 sec +1 hp/12 sec2 mana/6 sec
Paladin1 hp/8 sec2 mana/4 secRoyal Paladin1 hp/6 sec +1 hp/24 sec2 mana/3 sec +2 mana/12 sec
Druid1 hp/12 sec2 mana/3 secElder Druid1 hp/12 sec2 mana/2 sec +2 mana/6 sec
Sorcerer1 hp/12 sec2 mana/3 secMaster Sorcerer1 hp/12 sec2 mana/2 sec +2 mana/6 sec

Maximum soul points are increased by 100 for promoted characters. In addition, the rate at which you gain them is increased. Players without promotion regenerate soul points at 1 per 2 minutes, while promoted characters regenerate at 1/15 seconds.

Promoted characters can learn new spells:

Elite Knights

Royal Paladins

Elder Druids

Master Sorcerers


  • When a promoted character loses premium, they will temporarily lose the promotion until they get premium back again. However, changes to the website are not immediately active: the character will show as promoted until they next log in and out, when the website will be updated.
SOURCE: TibiaFandom
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There are differences for each vocation. For example, different titles and different spells can be learned depending on vocation. Please see Lehula Dohon's answer for more information.