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Basically the main question I  wanna know on what situations is possible to get Red Skull by using Yellow Mode at OPEN PVP Worlds?

Thanks in advance.

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As far as I know, the only way to get Red Skull on Open PVP servers involves situations in which you "assist" another player either directly or indirectly to kill another player. Let me try to explain it with the most used yet less known among Open PVP players:

  • Let's say you are a druid and you are hunting with your EK duo, suddenly a group of enemies or random PKs start attacking your EK. Your immediate reaction as an experienced druid should be to switch to Yellow Combat Status in order to be able to heal your friend.
  • If you simply heal with the sio spell you will automatically get red pvp fighting icon and will be yellow skull to the PKs and up to that point they will be allowed to kill you without getting an Unjustified Kill.
  • But now, lets say that the PKs once you get yellow on them, start attacking you. As Druid you may be used to the Mass Healing spell to heal you while not losing a turn to heal your EK also. Doing this, will not only heal you and your friend, but will also heal the PKs and this counts as "supporting" the unjustified killing of whatever character they decide to kill.
  • This supporting counts towards participation of the killing and therefore towards your limit of 3 unjustified kills per day, making you Red Skull if enough % of participation is acumulated or enough characters are killed by the PKs you healed before.
  • This puts druid into a very ankward and though situation when they are not aware of this situation and there are a few other situations that can lead to getting % of participation of a kill or even Unjustified Kills.

Luckily my example can give you a better understanding and idea of how you can get Red Skull using only the yellow pvp mode.


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Very good explained but can you tell me how this can happen in another's vocations, for example, as MS?