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I'm not a pvp player, but I heard that after today's changes a bug has crept in - green mode is supposedly similar to red mode. Is it true? anyone checked it?

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They basicaly inform people about a 'bug' in game that they say it is not a bug, but part of the pvp system. warning people that even playing in green mode, there are ways to make you take skull (white, red or even black).

Ways they can make you take skull even staying in green mode:

  • Druid: If a pk open on you, and you 'mas res' him, and he kills someone else, you are getting also the frag for those kills.
  • If you soulfire (or others) someone with fake skull and he 'relogs', you are taking skull,, and frag if he suicide.
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It's not exactly like a red mode, obviously. But still, it is possible to get a skull, or even a black skull by using a poison bomb, igniting someone or using the mass ress on someone, who is fake skulled and dies (or kills someone else after the mass ress).