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As the question on topic says, I wanna know if the time to access of the Feeding Groups also count while im offline? Or only counts during my online time sesion?

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The Schnitzel Points last for 2 hours whenever you enter the Feeding Grounds you use 10 Schnitzel Points and the countdown starts it doesn't matter if your online or offline the timer still continues. The only way the counter starts is when you access the feeding grounds. The counter doesn't stop if your offline, it continues whether your offline or online even if your not in the feeding grounds. So for example, you whack the Schnitzel and obtain 50 points with 50 whacks with the hammers dropped by the spawns. 50 Schnitzel Points is the max amount of points you can get. Each time you enter the feeding grounds in Orcsoberfest you lose 10 points and the timer starts. If you don't want to use Schnitzel Points then don't access the feeding grounds and wait until you need to go there. You can always get more points by finding the Schnitzel, you don't need to wait until their all completely gone to get more. This question is related to Do Schnitzel Points expire?