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During the Orcsoberfest event the Schnitzel spawns in a random location. My question is when does the Schnitzel change location exactly? Is it when the Schnitzel reaches a certain hitpoint? Or does the Schnitzel stay in one location for only so long? Incase you need help finding the Schnitzel please check out this related question: Where can I find the Schnitzel?

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In my opinion, the portal changes every hour. There is a chance that he will be in the same place. Note that as schnitzel is low hp we hit it for only 1hp. I think that when he has 1hp of his life also disappears and then you have to after about 15 minutes in a new random place.

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The Schnitzel changes location on a timer.  It appears hourly. You will see a white message, The Schnitzel is looking for a new hiding place. If you are lucky and have the special event item, the talking sausages, they will tell you the location. You can also check locations it has spawned before, because although the city may change, the location in that city stays constant, so you can mark the cauldrons the Schnitzel appears in on your map.

If the Schnitzel is killed, it will respawn at the next due time.
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The location of the gate to the Great Schnitzel changes every 2 hours. That is, it is related to time and not Schnitzel life.