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Hello Everybody.

I started to play again after some years, I have a MS 280 and my set is actually old warzone set... I'm wordering what is the best cheaper set to improve my char without have to sell my kidney to pay it, laugh.


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It depends on what you consider as cheap...

I'll give a suggestion here:

  • Mage Hat 
    • Cost: 0gp, you can bring one from dawnport.
    • Reason: Is the cheapest option with 2 imbuement slots. It's superior to Yalahari Mask if you put Mana Leech + 4 ML


  • Armors:  
    • Cost: 700k - 1kk each
    • Reason: 4 ML for just 1kk, plus elemental defense, very good for low investment


  • Legs: 
    • Cost: 10k each, 130k dwarven legs
    • Reason: Elemental defense and all very cheap


  • Boots: 
    • Cost: 3kk to 4kk
    • Both are the only boots that gives ML and their price is not absurd, you can choose just 1, based on elemental defense


  • Spellbook: 
    • Cost: 500k
      • Reason: 3 ML and earth defense, with no downsides


  • Wand: 
    • Cost: 1,1kk
    • No good replacement for this one, until Falcon / Cobra
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I did not know that about the Mage hat. Thank you
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Very good research. I think you mentioned all the cheapest sets for mages :)
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Ty. I apprecited your answer is very helpfully.